Gathering together in a circle to heal is an ancient human tradition.
For thousands of years, humans have gathered around campfires and in ceremonial spaces to have discussion, pray and work within the community for the highest good of all.

MyRecoveryCircle is an extension of this tradition. We have established a community for those in recovery.
A place where people can go to give and receive support, celebrate victories
and overcome challenges with others who know exactly what they’re going through.

We recognize that the disease of addiction is created over an extended period of time and by countless causes. Consequently, recovery from the disease requires constant diligence and effort, not just a short stay in a fancy rehab facility. We believe that an integrated and holistic long-term approach coupled with the guidance
of one of our Recovery Mentors is the answer. We look forward to seeing you in the circle.

We look forward to seeing you in the circle.