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What is RecoveryCircle?

To address the disruptions caused by Coronavirus, SquareOne Recovery is bringing Substance Use Disorder treatment and recovery solutions directly to those in need. From the comfort of your own home you can receive peer support from over 100,000 like-minded people, gain access to individual or group clinical sessions, 12-Step and SMART meetings and complete online coursework to help avoid the dangers of addiction or relapse. You will be assigned a personal coach to guide you through this uncertain time and hold you accountable to yourself.

Services Provided

Mobile App

The largest online recovery support community available! PocketRehab is a secure mobile app that uses a multi-layered support system to help people struggling with, or directly/indirectly affected by addiction. PocketRehab offers 24/7 real-time recovery support and relapse prevention for its members through an online community of volunteer providers.

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Online Courses

Accountability Coaching

With over 4 million coaching clients, MedProWellness has perfected the balance between motivation and accountability. In conjunction with the SelfHelpWorks courses, the coaches will set realistic daily and weekly goals – goals that don’t take over an individual’s life, but fit into and maximize it. Through Coach-In-Pocket, individuals are always connected to the motivation and expert guidance they need.

How Cognitive Behavior Training Works.

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If you are struggling and can't get the support from your 12-step or SMART meetings that you need to stay on path or wanted to take the first step towards sobriety, but can't find help, please SIGN UP NOW. Our mobile app is free and we have created a discounted package with online coursework and coaching specifically for those trapped in their homes due to this crisis.

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